Thinking Beyond Guacamole / Avocado Smoothie Roundup

I remember the first time I tried avocado outside of what I had previously interpreted to be it’s comfort zone (guacamole, turkey sandwiches, eggs.. savory stuff). I picked out the avocado gelato at Capogiro, because I have to try everything that is “weeeeirddd” and Adam, of course, wanted chocolate. I’m a huge sharer when it […]


Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato Sundaes with Fresh Rosemary & Almond Whipped Cream

So, let’s talk about putting fresh rosemary on our ice cream. It’s Monday. It’s raining. What else do we have to talk about? Probably nothing. Unless you want to talk about how this new Gatsby movie is coming out soon or, speaking of Leonadro DeCaprio, how I used to think Leo played Jimmy Darmody on […]