Happy Valentine’s Day You Guys!

Hey guys it’s me! Just dropping by to say I love you. Happy Cheese Day, er, Valentine’s Day.


Look! I even made you something in MS Paint. I know, it’s not chocolate. I’m sorry. Here is a bucket of sloths to make up for it. And the world’s cutest little piggy, Hamlet, learning to go down the stairs. And some super cute friendships from Buzzfeed. Squeal if you want to. You know you do.

Do you remember in elementary school when you would draw lines of hearts <3<3<3<3<3 around the edges of your notes? It looked a little something like this (but probably neater because you have patience and weren’t using MS Paint):hearts

That’s how much love I gots for you people. Pages full of hearts. Have a wonderful day, full of the cheesiest of stuff.


Tell me how you really feel..

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