Someone Ate My Blog Post & Five Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me!

Well this is… embarrassing. I’m coming up short this week because well.. SOMEONE… ate my blog post. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I can’t be alone here.. One day you have a sorbet. The next day you try and grab some photos, but suddenly you don’t have a sorbet? Yea. Sorry guys.

Anyway, I am mostly just thanking the universe that I was tagged by Lauren at Fancy Nonsense  to write a post on 5 things you may not know about me because now I can talk about myself without even sharing a recipe. (YES!) In the spirit of keeping this a food blog, I’ve decided to keep them food related, which is proving to be quite the challenge as I think I’ve already been pretty open here about my… ahem.. enthusiasm for things that are edible.

Here goes…

1) I’m really not picky, buuuut.. I absolutely love Reese’s eggs, but I cannot stand Reese’s cups. Something about the shape or the texture. Maybe it’s ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. Who knows. (This is an important thing to know about me.) I hate it when chocolate and raspberry get together. I think white chocolate looks and tastes like chalk, but I will use it in baking. I keep thin mints in the freezer and only use Heinz ketchup. Cheesecake looks and tastes like warmed up cream cheese to me and I’ll put sriracha on pretty much anything I eat. I hate fake sugar, but I will always enjoy a good diet Dr. Pepper.

2) I secretly miss living in Philadelphia so much because it’s the best food city in the world. Ok, I have very little to compare it to and that’s a bold statement, but the creativity that comes out of the neighborhood restaurants in that little city is just something that is hard to come by in my new locale. McCrossen’s and Alla Spina, I’m talking to YOU.

3) I secretly wish that I went to culinary school. Instead I got a History degree.. ouch. Sure I do like working 9-5 and having my weekends to relax, but I’m always a little jeally of the cheftestants on Top Chef.

4) Some pretty common things I’ve never made: a bundt cake (mostly because I never owned a pan), a cheesecake (see item #1), or a coffee cake.

5) I could live in a tub of cream cheese frosting.


8 thoughts on “Someone Ate My Blog Post & Five Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me!

  1. I wish I would have gone to culinary school as well….but I was a gender studies major! Ha… we could start a culinary school for miss guided liberal arts majors. Thanks for playing along with 5 things.

  2. I about died laughing. The dog ate my homework thing? Has happened to me multiple times…it’s reaaaaal tough living with boys who have the metabolism of a wolverine – they see food, they eat….bye bye blog post 😉 I wish I went to culinary school too…instead I got a finance degree. Girl, let’s go get some sorbet, you and me!

  3. Culinary school is great but what you see on TV is a highly glorified version of the food industry. I think you’re going about it right… you have your degree and a day job and you get to play with food on the side! Just listen to the right sources and you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know (without piling up student loans!). Oh and you should make a coffee cake… my pastry instructor randomly made one as a treat when I was in school and I forgot how delicious they are!

    • Oh yea, I do know that. I waited tables for 8 years of my life and trust me, I do understand that what we see on tv is not even close to what goes on in the real world. It’s just that I always want to be baking bread when I’m formatting word documents. The grass is always greener! Haha I have been loving your site though! The only one of the mother sauces I ever use is the white sauce and I do use it a lot, but I’m just going to have to try the others now that I know so much about them. And thanks for the kind encouragement 🙂

  4. The “someone ate my blog post” thing happen to me all the time! hahaha….don’t feel bad. I bet that happen to most food bloggers out there….especially those with a hungry family. It’s alright, I look at it that way, I love to try new recipes and they are always my “Guinea pigs”, even at the not so successful recipe development stage. Plus, they give me honest feedback and critic that I need to improve. 😉 So, I can’t blame them for being so eager to try my food sometimes. hahaha…But, I do look forward to check out your sorbet recipe soon. 😉 Good to know more about you. And I wish I’ve gone to culinary school too. 😛

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